These are the mistakes you have to avoid if you are going to start a diet

These are the mistakes you have to avoid if you are going to start a diet

With the new year and good intentions, diets are the order of the day. You already know that in Vitónica we advocate more for a change of habits instead of dieting. However, let’s look at some common mistakes made when dieting.
It is important that we avoid diets or extreme measures. A diet will not solve in two days the overweight we have been dragging for months or years, so it is important that we adopt good habits and have patience. Do not fall into these most frequent mistakes when starting a diet:

Search diets on websites or social networks

The diets that we can find on the internet are full of opinions of the type: “it worked for me”. But it’s not always going to be like that. Make sure that the website where you are looking is specialized and that the diet is designed by an expert in the field.
In any case, it is always more advisable to go to a specialist, since a diet (either by prescription of menu or eating habits) must be personalized and meet the characteristics of each. We already know that the most convenient thing is to try to get the internet to give us the recipe to lose weight, but it is not so easy.

Base the diet on one or a few foods
Professional Diets

Which is the typical example of: the diet of the artichoke. We tend to think that if a food is good, if we take it a lot, it will be even better. But basing the diet on one or a few foods is a mistake, since in a diet the variety must prevail.
For few calories that have a food or very rich in fiber or some vitamins or minerals, we should not take any food as a reference in our diet. If we do so, we will have deficiencies of other nutrients that we will not be taking, there lies the danger of a diet based on a food. The more variety in fresh products, the better.

Eat very little, waiting for the miracle to work

The issue of eating few calories, can work in the first days, then it will be unsustainable or it will do us more harm than good. The caloric restriction causes our metabolism to become slow and that eating little is a long-term trap, because each time it will cost us more to lose weight and we will be hungrier, even if we eat little.
Also, a calorie is not always a calorie. The type of calories we take greatly influences. It is not the same calorie that we take of fruit or vegetable that of chocolate or processed foods. The type of food influences our hormonal state, which, in turn, also influences the regulation of weight. Here we return to the same, better calories that come from fresh food than from processed foods.

Take supplements thinking they are miraculous

Make no mistake, the pill that helps you lose weight has not yet been invented. Any pill, herb, infusion, etc, that want to sell you as a miracle removes-fat is a lie. Nothing is as easy as taking some of this and waiting for the fat to dissolve. Only the movement causes the fat to dissolve.
A supplement to lose weight “can” help minimally to lose weight if we take care of the diet and exercise, but by itself it will not do anything. Even with diet and exercise, many of these supplements are useless, just to scratch your pocket.
Basing the diet on light foods thinking that they will help us lose weight
Light foods are similar to slimming supplements: we take them thinking they are miraculous but it is not like that. A light food is, simply, a decaffeinated version in calories of its original food. If a normal yogurt has 70 kcal, one light can have 50-60, something that is not significant for the diet.
Even this type of food can be a trap, because thinking that they are good for weight loss instead of one we take two, and there we are eating more than if we only took one in its original version. It is a mistake to think that keep eating the same but putting light products in our diet will cause us to lose weight significantly.

Dieting and not exercising

Diet and exercise

And this is one of the most widespread errors. We can be very strict when dieting but this will be lame if we do not accompany it with exercise and physical activity.
You can lose weight only with diet, yes, but the push will be much greater if we accompany it with exercise and, therefore, there will be more motivation and we will have the feeling that the diet works better. This is important so that the diet or change of dietary habits has good adherence and we do not abandon it.

What do you have to do then to start dieting?

Although it is not easy to summarize in a few lines how to make an effective diet, we will try to give some basic orientations:
Change the chip from “dieting” to “changing habits”.
Make sure that all the main meals have vegetables, fruit and vegetables.
Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks as much as possible.
Do half an hour of exercise a day.

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